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12 years focus on sheet metal processing solutions
Laser Cutting、Welding、CNC Bending、Device Assembly



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0112 years focus on sheet metal processing
Industry continues to lead

It has an area of 8000 square metersand 50 employees,

Strong production capacity,with technical ability to solve,

From the drawingsdesign, manufacturing, sheet metal processingservices.

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02Advanced equipment and
Perfect quality control system

Has passed ISO9001 quality certification,quality assurance,

Has several advanced equipment,laser cutting, punching machine, bending machine, welding machine, stamping and die processing equipment,

Customized according to drawings and samples with strong manufacturing capacity,strict quality control and other advantages.

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03What we did
It's far more thoughtful than you think

Have several R & D personnel,effectively solve problems in manufacturing,and seek better solutions for customers,

Machining solution and service of plate and shell,

Machining solutions for large structural parts.

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04A number of well-known enterprises

For many yearsindustry deep plowing has been recognized and praised, It is a long-term cooperative partner of many enterprises,

The company has an independent division, coordination and coordination ofvarious departments to maximize customer interests.

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05Professional consultant
Provide 24 hour service to our customers

Engaged in the manufacturing industry for more than ten years and equipment design and research for many years,

Technical solutionswhile ensuring timely delivery, super first-class cost-effective.

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Shanghai SHENG CHUAN Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Specializing in laser cutting, plate, sheet metal cold welding, metal props, welding, equipment shell processing, industrial equipment, OEM matching processing, diversification of products. Continuous development, innovation, excellent quality, perfect service and reasonable price... [Details]

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"San Chuan machinery" provides Shanghai laser cutting and cold working sheet metal processing

Our factory provides cold working sheet metal processing in Shanghai, with high processing efficiency, narrow welding area and good weld quality. It is a service provider in the field of industrial ma…[View]
Laser cutting has the following characteristics

Laser cutting has the following characteristics

Laser cutting is the use of laser energy, focusing through the focus of the focus of the mirror to achieve a very high energy density, the material is absorbed by the laser to produce photothermal eff…[查看详细]


  • The reduction of NC machining sheet metal parts what are the requirements?

    In the cutting process of steel, it is necessary to prevent the severe burr of the steel, and the more compact effect of the professional design structure attribute can be added to the compressed plate which is cut at the two ends of the gold plating process.

  • What is cold processing of sheet metal?

    Cold working of sheet metal is an integrated process, which is made of sheet metal, section bar and pipe material, without any change of its cross sectional features, and is processed into various kinds of metal structures.

  • What is sheet metal processing?

    So far no one stop sheet compared to intact definition, mainly for sheet metal sheet metal (usually below 6mm) an inductive cold processing technology, including cutting, punching / cut / composite, folding, welding, riveting, assembly, molding (such as auto body).